May Queen attends His Majesty King Charles III’s Coronation, London 2023

May Queen – aka – artist Clare O Hagan, will attend the Coronation of His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen Consort at Westminster, London on Saturday 6th May, 2023. The May Queen will be in procession along the Coronation route celebrating new beginnings and paying tribute to time honoured ritual. The May Queen will wear a full-length dress skirt and jacket of opulent fabrics with intricately designed … Read More →

Keto Greek Goddess of the Sea Exhibition, Paros, June 2022

Keto and the Sea exhibition

May 2022 Keto – Goddess of the Sea returns to Paros, Greece. An exhibition featuring artifacts, installation and prints at the City Art Space Parikia, Paros, Greece. On June 19th 2020, artist Clare O Hagan became Keto – Greek Goddess of the Sea. Keto and the artist were due to be on her island home of Paros, Greece on that date where a big party and exhibition celebrating her re-awakening … Read More →

Denise Wyllie Artists Walk: Pavement Picassos in Lockdown 2020

Denise Wyllie Artists' Walk Official poster 2020 Denise Wyllie Official Artist for Artists Walk: Pavement Picassos Locked-down artists exhibit in their windows, in North London’s Artists' Walk 2020-2021 which helps raise awareness of the art community at a time when so many exhibitions, fairs, open studios & opportunities are cancelled due to Covid. Find artists near you by visiting the map at

Denise Wyllie at RWA – Royal West of England Academy 2020 – 2021

DW & CUTH RWA 1 My original print of 'Absolutely Cuthbert' is on exhibition at the Royal West of England Academy (RWA) 168th Annual Open Exhibition, showcasing some of the most exciting artists from across the country and beyond. Read the RWA's interview with Denise Wyllie by Laurel Smart of the Floating Circles here  Also see Denise Wyllie and ‘Cuthbert All Souls’ screenprint exhibited at the National Original Print Exhibition 2019, in a video interview by Slipstream … Read More →

Spring Glade – A rite of Spring

An Easter nest in a tree, surruonded by moss

Assemblage of birch twigs, gold painted eggshells, photographic portraits, floral embellishments and mirrors. Artist Clare O Hagan, 2021 Spring Glade brings together and celebrates the women in my life who I love. They nestle together in a mossy woodland glade. This group of women have accompanied me through different stages in my life from childhood to now. I salute their myriad qualities. Making this art installation in the midst of … Read More →

Shining a light on Rosalind Franklin’s DNA Story Exhibition

 Artists Wyllie O Hagan – Denise Wyllie & Clare O Hagan celebrate British scientist Rosalind Franklin’s pioneering discoveries in DNA. The artists mark the centenary of her birth with a series of worldwide art exhibitions. See the first x-ray photographs of DNA HERE AND  BUY FRANKLIN PRINTS HERE A list of exhibition venues will be published here online shortly. DOWNLOAD A FREE CATALOGUE ROSALIND FRANKLIN CENTENARY EXHIBITION Rosalind Franklin was … Read More →

Wyllie O Hagan’s Transformations in Science and Art

Artists Denise Wyllie and Clare O Hagan with Transformations in Science and Art

This project was created by Wyllie O Hagan during a two year residency at University College London Hospital. The artists made a monumental 42 metre cross media textile artwork that celebrates the growing awareness of the importance of DNA in Cancer Research,

Ello Coronavirus Special Issue – Altered Art Magazine

Bringing you the latest celebrity & royal news from the UK & around the world, artist Clare O Hagan puts together a Ello Coronavirus Special Issue Altered Art Magazine. Recycling the news and re-presenting views in this altered art magazine results in a world of new associations and meaning.

Wyllie O Hagan’s Whitework Book


Whitework – A Gentle Path – Book for sale £10.00   The book contains almost 100 beautiful photographs of contemporary whitework textiles and their creators, accompanied by insightful commentaries. This unique book has the power to do many things: to bring comfort to those who face fear; to show a way to travel towards a calmer normality; to inspire creativity; to enjoy uplifting artworks; to send good intentions to those … Read More →

Denise Wyllie exhibiting at The Royal Academy

Royal Academy Summer Show 2019 features one of Wyllie’s new print series of the Renaissance Garden at David Austin Roses. click on link below to buy from RA website Buy Into the Renaissance Garden at The Royal Academy here Slipstream’s review and interview with Denise Wyllie here: Denise Wyllie artist exhibiting at the RA, London Slip Stream Media