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Portrait of Keto Goddess of the Sea

Keto Greek Goddess of the Sea emerges in Paros, Greece

Keto Goddess of the Sea An exhibition featuring Clare O Hagan's  latest collection of work inspired by Paros, the sea and plastic pollution. The exhibition will take place from 19th-28th of June at the City Arts Space in Parikia, Paros, Greece. City Arts Space hosts the first showing of Irish ...
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Space filling DNA model, helix,100 years, Rosalind-elsie-franklin-english-chemist-and-x-ray, Photo-51, English chemist, X-ray crystallographer, Rosalind Elsie Franklin, DNA, DNA-Strand, DNA-Double Helix, science, genetics, fingerprint, DNA-Sequencing, DNA-Research, Microscope, Crick and Watson, DNA-Tags, DNA-Gene-Expression, Woman-Scientist, Famous-Woman-Scientist, Nobel-Prize, art-science, Denise-Wyllie, Clare-O-Hagan, Wyllie O Hagan, artwork, backbone, biochemical, biochemistry, biological, biology, chemical, chemistry, deoxyribonucleic acid, epigenetic, epigenetics, gene expression, genes, methylation modification, molecular, molecule research, segment strand, 1958, biophysicist, biophysics, bw cancer, crystallographer, crystallography, dna, double helix, English, famous female figure, franklin, genetics, historic, historical, important, ovarian, cancer, woman, women, helix, space filling DNA model

Shining a light on Rosalind Franklin’s DNA Story Exhibition

 Artists Wyllie O Hagan - Denise Wyllie & Clare O Hagan celebrate British scientist Rosalind Franklin's pioneering discoveries in DNA. The artists mark the centenary of her birth with a series of worldwide art exhibitions. See the first x-ray photographs of DNA HERE AND  BUY FRANKLIN PRINTS HERE A list ...
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Wyllie O Hagan’s Whitework Book

Whitework - A Gentle Path - Book for sale £10.00 The book contains almost 100 beautiful photographs of contemporary whitework textiles and their creators, accompanied by insightful commentaries. This unique book has the power to do many things: to bring comfort to those who face fear; to show a way ...
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Artists Denise Wyllie and Clare O Hagan with Transformations in Science and Art

Wyllie O Hagan’s Transformations in Science and Art

This project was created by Wyllie O Hagan during a two year residency at University College London Hospital. The artists made a monumental 42 metre cross media textile artwork that celebrates the growing awareness of the importance of DNA in Cancer Research, ...
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Denise Wyllie, artist, Into the Renaissance Garden, Royal Academy, RA, Carls Rosefields, gardens, roses, England, English Roses, painting, prints, art, David Austin Roses, Albrighton, art for sale, Garden rambling rose artwork screen print, rose garden, Albrighton

Denise Wyllie exhibiting at The Royal Academy

Royal Academy Summer Show 2019 features one of Wyllie's new print series of the Renaissance Garden at David Austin Roses. click on link below to buy from RA website Buy Into the Renaissance Garden at The Royal Academy here Slipstream's review and interview with Denise Wyllie here: Denise Wyllie artist ...
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Denise Wyllie, art, artist, Karelia, Sabina Nedbailik, Сабина Недбайлик, Masha Yufa, Sergei Terentjev, Andrey Kurochkin

Denise Wyllie solo exhibition in Karelia, Russia

Denise Wyllie's paintings and prints are celebrated in a solo exhibition called 'Karelia Dreaming', at Karelia State University. Curated by Sabina Nedbailik / Сабина Недбайлик, the exhibition runs to January 2020.  Wyllie's frequent visits to Karelia and her long collaboration as Art Contact Russia/UK artists and creatives have resulted in ...
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