Keto Greek Goddess of the Sea emerges in Paros, Greece

Keto Goddess of the Sea

An exhibition featuring Clare O Hagan’s  latest collection of work inspired by Paros, the sea and plastic pollution.

The exhibition will take place from 19th-28th of June at the City Arts Space in Parikia, Paros, Greece.

City Arts Space hosts the first showing of Irish born artist Clare O Hagan’s unique series of prints and contemporary artifacts entitled “Keto and the Sea”.

Clare O Hagan awakens Keto, a powerful Greek Goddess to save the sea from drowning in plastic. Clare’s environmental project began three years ago after seeing increasing evidence of plastic pollution along the shoreline.

Keto Goddess of the Sea

“I am a frequent visitor to Paros, and my early morning walk around the bay from Parikia to the cliffs above the Cave of Archilochos is something I love greatly. Keto came to me one morning in a fit of anger, whilst sitting on the sea cliff edge, in a spot where I watch kestrels fledge. I was so shocked to see the beaches polluted with plastic waste on the way to the cliffs. Looking out to sea, surrounded by  rubbish collected earlier,  I imagined that being in the home of the Greek Gods, there must be one that could give us a hand now to sort out this plastic pollution. I went off to find one and after some research I discovered Keto – the Greek Goddess of the Dangers of the Sea.

Not long after, I found a rock shaped like a Greek theatre mask whilst hiking in The Cultural and Environmental Park of Paros. With plastic debris gathered from the beaches around Parikia, and the mask, I constructed an assemblage in the shape of a figure. Keto The Goddess of the Sea was re-born. Following on from this I made a series of etchings – art prints, and photographic prints using the sun to develop images of Keto, establishing her firmly on Paros. Keto has legs, and will travel widely seeking solutions and supporting efforts to halt the destruction of the seas from plastic pollution.”

Clare O Hagan’s Keto, Goddess of the Sea exhibition is comprised of a series of over 50 artifacts, objects and prints.


Exhibition Details:

Keto and the Sea

City Arts Space

Dimitrakopoulou Building

Old Market Street, Parikia

Paros, Greece


Exhibition Dates: 19th – 28th June 2020

Opening times

11.00am – 1.00 pm

6.00pm –10.00pm

The exhibition is in partnership with Sustainable Living Paros and Clean Blue Paros.

Media Partner in Greece – Parolo Free Press

Clean Blue Paros