The Royal Raft – Homage to Her Maj

The Royal Raft on the River Thames by St Pauls

With the Queen’s former yacht “Britannia” now operating as a tea-room in Edinburgh’s Albert Docks, artist and punk at heart, Clare O Hagan offers Her Majesty an alternative method of travel – “The Royal Raft”.

With its satirical sensibilities The Royal Raft – Homage to Her Maj could suggest it’s origins lie in the 1977 “Stuff the Jubilee” or British Punk movement. Political / social comment in art is normally conveyed in a clear message which is easily read. With the artwork, The Royal Raft – Homage to Her Maj, the viewer is left unsure as to the artists intent. The work can be viewed as a subversive piece, whereas the iconic imagery it employs is strangely alluring.

The Royal Raft a 3 dimensional assemblage of recycled and found objects produced in 2012 for the Queens Jubilee. It is designed to float on water, constructed on a base of 18 repurposed buoyancy aids, attached by plastic webbing onto signboard. On the base is attached a blue painted polystyrene low lipped packing case. Twenty one paper faced, Queen Elizabeth II’s, recycled Barbie dolls in formal evening dress, and found jewellery are seated within the case. Seven plastic dogs, with paper Corgi faces, sit aside Her Majesties. Two weights are attached by wire to the underside to maintain stability when afloat.

The Royal Raft’s official launch was on 2nd June 2012 at Union Wharf, The Regents Canal, London on the occasion of “The Queens Jubillegal” from which it travelled in flotilla accompanied by an anarchic array of floating vessels to Broadway Market. It continues to tour the River Thames.


The artwork is for sale at a price of £51 million. The price is an intrinsic part of the artwork, The Royal Raft – Homage to Her Maj, aims to be the highest price ever paid for a single work by a living artist, currently held by Damian Hirst’s, “For the Love of God”.
This serves to amplify the fact that women artists’ work historically sells for far less than the top-selling male artists. We are delighted to offer you this opportunity to address this imbalance at a stroke.

City of London Gold Medal Award for Raft Building 2012

Clare O Hagan Assemblage