“Embracing Women” Clare O Hagan’s Series of Erotic Prints and Drawings

Embracing Women features a series of some fifty drawings and prints created over a period of two decades. Based on life drawing studies, each artwork explores female sexuality through O Hagan’s personal vision:

“I’m acutely aware, as a feminist, of the restrictive and commodified depiction of women’s bodies in both advertising and pornography” O Hagan writes. “I really felt compelled to create work that rejected the stereotype of women’s subordination as erotic. I wanted to construct a broader view of a woman’s experience of sexuality.”

Embracing Women has been exhibited in the UK, Summer 2019, and The Erotic Heritage Museum, Las Vegas, USA from 1st June through to 31st August 2018.

You can buy the Embracing Women exhibition catalogue here. It’s available in both print and digital format:

Embracing Women Catalogue

Buy Embracing Women exhibition catalogue here